Can Restaurants do meal kits? Let's shine some light on it..

Can Restaurants do meal kits? Let's shine some light on it..

Chicago, Illinois, December 19, 2019

We are a Chicago based Software Development & Consulting Firm and is the world’s first and only Meal Kit Software Company that enables restaurants, grocers, startups and enterprises to easily start a meal kit service. Not only Meal Kits but using our platform, all the traditional means of sales and operations can also be achieved probably better than the best tool out there today.

Its robust backend allows Restaurants to pack Meal Kits within 5 Minutes which allows restaurants, grocers and small independent stores to keep the Meal Kit ready for delivery before the Delivery Personnel arrives at the establishment.

Not only does DailyKit provide an extremely robust backend for Restaurants, it also provides the frontend which allows its customers to place Real Time, Subscription and Pre Orders. What makes it even more easier for Restaurants to make a choice is the fact that the entire DailyKit Software Suite is built on a completely open-source platform.

“We have built Dailykit on the learnings we got when we ran our own Meal Kit Brand. At our peak, we delivered up to 500 Orders/day in Real-Time. Whatever we have built into this tool is completely based on all real world experiences and scenarios we faced when we used to run our Meal Kit brand back in India using complex recipes some of which had up to 30 ingredients. We used to pack them in under 3 minutes because we promised customers a delivery time of 30 minutes only. So the software has been built on keeping in mind some of the most extreme scenarios while running Meal Kit Services” says Rishi Singhal, CEO & Founder of our company.

In today’s world, customers are growing impatient because their delivery arrives a week after they place orders and bulky packaging is making things even worse. Not to mention the dangers it poses to the environment. But with the use of DailyKit and the fact that it allows Restaurants to do Real-Time Deliveries, all of these problems will be suppressed to a large extent.

DailyKit will also be providing consulting services that will be free of cost for a limited number of restaurants and also has attractive finance services to make sure that they have very minimal work to do in order to operate Meal Kit Services.

With DailyKit’s help, you don’t need VC money to start a meal kit brand. Restaurants and Grocers already have everything they need to start a successful Meal Kit business like Inventory, Labor, Kitchen, Recipes and its own loyal customer base. So Restaurants or Grocers starting Meal Kits will not only expose them to another significant revenue channel but also have a huge impact on the Meal Kit Industry all together.

“We have spoken to many Restaurants and Grocers who are already very interested to work with us in starting their Meal Kit Services. These are exciting times for us as a company and the fact that we are at the helm of a big change in the Industry is extremely inspiring to us. This is the reason why we have made our software Open Source” says Rishi Singhal.

Anyone who wishes to start their own Meal Kit their own Meal Kit services can send a mail to and someone from the DailyKit team with get intouch with you to help you set up your very own Meal Kit service.