Can you pack an entire Meal Kit in 5 minutes?

Can you pack an entire Meal Kit in 5 minutes?

COVID has impacted many businesses around the world and Restaurant industry has taken a huge hit. No more post game celebrations, no more date nights, no more casual hangouts after school, no more taco Tuesday or family outing day. Even though few states have re opened business, many states where still the ban is in place, consumers have learned to live with that fact and have found alternatives for doing all of the above at home or some place they feel safe. 

In times like these, it is important for businesses to appear where customers are looking at now. For example, terms like ‘food delivery’, ‘meal kits’, ‘take out’, ‘diet food’, ‘vegan food delivery’, ‘keto food delivery’ are just some of the terms that have shot up in search results across the web. 

Now here is where the trick is. This trick does not just apply to Restaurants or Food Businesses who are closed or who are open for business, it applies to all of them and also alternate businesses every Restaurants can get into just with a single kitchen. The trick is to experiment all the concepts from your own kitchen and also starting alternate Ghost Kitchen Brands for bring in fresh new set of customers. 

Yes, your Restaurant Kitchen is capable of so much more than what you are doing today and you just need to work with the right minds to help you execute every concept that you have in mind. 

Businesses need to start listening to their customers more. But how can you do this? Start by opening customer facing channels and present them with most of the new trends in those customer facing channels so they can easily interact with your brand. The first place businesses need to start with is their existing websites. 

Study shows that more than 80% of all Restaurant websites are user friendly. Thus blocks the most important channel of communication with your customer. Communication channel is not restricted to an actual communication with a physical person (Social Media is for just that) but a channel with presents more options for customers to engage with a brand. 

Let’s say you start a virtual Vegan food brand but if your website is not user friendly or if it does not provide them options on ordering like ‘building their own meal’, ‘customising their food’, presenting a combo or even start a subscription service, your website becomes pale in comparison to a platform like Uber Eats or Grub Hub which does provide such options. Think about it. If your website already offers all the capabilities that other platforms provide, why would your customer order from a different platform? Combine this with some attractive marketing campaigns like coupons, discounts or referral campaigns, your customers will be addicted to your brand. When its your website, it opens up many opportunities for your start multiple businesses like Meal Prep, Meal Kits.,etc. 

Your Restaurant Kitchen is capable of so much more. Let your kitchen do the work for you as there are many channels from which you can generate revenue not just during the pandemic but also post pandemic. 

These are challenging times and the last thing your customers want to worry about is not having many options to choose from. Make use of your Restaurant Kitchen to the fullest, Spoil your customers with choices and allow them to take a call. We can help you get there.