Here is why DIY Cocktail Kits are blowing up

Here is why DIY Cocktail Kits are blowing up

In times like these, people wish that they could go to their favorite bar down the street, order their favorite drinks and watch the bartender do their mojo while they brew their favorite drinks with ease in a matter of minutes right in front of their eyes. We have had just a few weeks of being out there but soon enough there will be lockdowns (if it's already not in place). 

Only if there was something that could be done right at their homes and learn how to brew their drinks on their own. DIY Cocktail Kits are hugely popular these days and I just got mine last week. It is simple to use with my drink and mixtures all in there for me to brew it myself and voila, my serve is ready in less than 10 minutes. 

From how-to videos to paired snacks to playlists, the videos of these kits have been going viral on all Social Media.  The Google search results for Cocktail Kits have gone up by almost 200% and there is a real demand for it out there in the market. 

People love cocktailing and there is not a shadow of a doubt that they wish they could learn to serve drinks at their own parties or just to show off in front of their friends and families. Consumers think about it often, every time they see a social media ad of a DIY Cocktail Kit, art and recreation, the consumer side of craft cocktails — whether made at home or enjoyed in intimate bars in the Before Time — has long been that. 


(Sample picture of a DIY Cocktail Kit)

There have been many Restaurants and Bars getting into the whole DIY Cocktail Kit hype and let us tell you that the hype is real. Meal Kits in general create a revenue stream for food business owners that was never there before and adding Cocktail Kits to your menu gives that vanity factor to consumers who are shopping for their favorite Meal Kits. 

From five-star hotels to fresh-food startups and established restaurants, Meal Kits have gone mainstream in the COVID-19 era and Cocktail Meal Kits are now something fancy that consumers are itching to try out. It's time that Pubs and Bars start getting into the act. You can even start with a simple 5 Kit Menu to begin with and then expand into kits where you could combine them with their favorite side of food. 

Drinks always have high profit margins to businesses and consumers who are looking for these kits don't mind paying a premium to get their hands on it or even get into a weekly subscription. House parties have always been a thing and especially during times like these, DIY Cocktail kits are almost a compulsion because of which they are selling like hot cakes all over the world. 

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