Foodie Jennifer: Food is a matter of survival or exploring the art of cooking !!

Foodie Jennifer: Food is a matter of survival or exploring the art of cooking !!

Jennifer grew up in a family that celebrated their food every day. Her family would go for picnics and on short trips to enjoy different cuisines and to learn new dishes. Every day after school, she and her sisters would help their parents to cook the food. Each day they would cook a different meal, using her mother’s recipe. Jennifer’s mother would buy groceries for the family of 6, and later the 7 of them would the entire meal, right from peeling the vegetables, to serving it on the table.

After turning 22 Jennifer left her house to work in the city. She took along with herself some of her mother’s favourite recipes. But within a few days she realised, cooking everyday by herself was not going to be easy. She had to plan, purchase and prepare the groceries before she could cooked it. She needed to buy the groceries herself and cook it herself, without anyone’s help.

Living in the city she started to missed the pies and cakes she made with her sisters. They would make different flavour and cover them with different colour of sprinkles. Her busy work life did not give her the time to cook every day, let alone cook different dishes each day.

Being a foodie in the city became more and more difficult for her. At times she didn’t have all the ingredients for the dishes, and at other times she didn’t have the recipe to cook the way her mother did. Even when she ordered food from outside, she did not taste of the food. She was unable to enjoy her love for food in the kitchen or on the dinner table. Each day she was longing to return to her family, so that they could enjoy foodism with her family.


For the foodies like Jennifer, meal kits are a great way of handling this issue. This solution will give you convenient, customizable, and a selection to choose your meal every time. You can simply order the kit from a restaurant with the dishes and ingredients of the dishes that you want. These kits will solve your problem of preparing, planning and processing each meal.

Planning: With the kit you no longer have to purchase or manage groceries.

Processing: You will receive the ingredients in the form you need to process it in. The ingredients which need to be pre-cooked (such as being marinated), will come in prepared in the form in which it can be cooked.

Preparing: By ordering the kit, you no longer have to worry about cutting or weighing the ingredients or the quantity of the ingredients that have to use. You will only receive the ingredients which you need for your meal.

Are you wondering about solutions??

  • Convenience: The kits give the foodies a simple solution to enjoy food each day. You can have Italian one day and Chinese on the other, without worrying about supplies, groceries or the spoilage of the ingredients. All the ingredients will be packed, sealed and delivered to you.
  • Customizable: While ordering the kit, if you feel that you want more garlic on your pizza or you want mint mayo in your burger, then you can customise the meal, and order the ingredients according to your taste.
  • Choice: You can even order different recipes each day of the month. You have the absolute freedom to choose the food that you want to eat on each given day.

The kits are an absolute solution to save the effort of buying groceries from the market. The kit will be sufficient for each meal and will definitely eliminate the need to manage and plan purchasing of groceries which has become difficult in the fast pace of life. Ordering meal kits offer a cheaper, tastier and healthier solution than ordering food from outside. You will agree that whether you are ordering fries or pizza, the food doesn’t taste as good as when it comes straight out of the pan or the oven. Meal kits will help you enjoy cooking and eating your food, by taking away the tireless effort of picking and choosing groceries. You just need to pick your menu and cook the food based on the ingredients and recipe that comes with it.

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