Why are you failing at Online Sales?

Why are you failing at Online Sales?

Every Food Business is unique in its own way and comes with a lot of lessons to be learned. But selling food online is a whole new ball game altogether. Many businesses make this one simple but huge mistake of building just a website and wonder why they aren't getting any orders. If you are one of those people, you may have landed at the right place. 

There are many Businesses today that donot even have a physical presence but have managed to become some of the biggest brands in the market. The reason is pretty simple, they understand online consumer trends. In other words, having just an online presence does not suffice anymore. You need to work with companies that understand your business and provide you ways to become trend responsive. 

Consumers today are exposed to newer trends that have gone beyond just having a mobile responsive website. Consumers need experiences that can provide them with various ways of satisfying their daily needs. A simple example can be for someone like me who would like the ability to ‘Build my own meal’. A diet conscious person like me would never place an outright order before knowing what goes into my meal. 

If we go one step further, if a diet conscious consumer has the ability to subscribe to a daily or a weekly meal plan because they liked what they ordered, they automatically convert into a long time customer. 

These are just some simple examples but the trends consumers respond to these days are much more complex and at the same time allows you to peek into their minds as to what exactly they are looking for when they decide to eat. This pandemic has allowed several online businesses to grow and those that have failed are simple because they did not know what to do when they had their backs against the wall. Their technology partners failed them when they needed them the most.  

For example, every food business out there has the ability to start a ghost brand of their own simply because they own a kitchen. This alternate ghost brand can allow you to spread your wings and try different concepts like a whole new menu, healthy alternatives, meal kits, meal prep..,etc which otherwise you could or could not do with your existing brand. But can you rely on your technology partner to help you get started? Can they provide you with the trend responsive solutions that you would need to start? 

What if you could do all of the above and much more without having to spend too much time into it. The world is going through a turmoil with this pandemic and every business deserves that extra attention to talk about their ideas, get suggestions, explore alternatives and expand their business. 

DailyKIT is not just a technology company but we are a solution provider to the food business that is not only trend agnostic but also trend responsive. We love working with businesses up close and personal by understanding their requirements and presenting them with solutions that will not only help them come out of their shell but also expand from what they are today to what they could become. We are a constantly evolving company and we would love to help you evolve your business. 

We would love to talk to you more about DailyKIT so why don’t we schedule a call at a time of your convenience?